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NIV Bible Speaks Today Study Bible Bonded Leather
The Bible Speaks Today (BST) series has several aims: to present and explain the biblical text with accuracy, to relate it to contemporary life and to be highly readable. BSTs aren't pure commentaries, rather a series of expositions that elucidate the text rather act as a reference tool or straight commentary. . Alongside the Anglicized NIV text, this Bible which has a contemporary and clear typeset, contains 2310 panels of edited extracts from the Bible Speaks Today volumes which cover key themes and passages of Scripture, as well as the most insightful teaching from the series. Each panel contains a set of questions for group or personal use This Bible fits in-between Study and Application Bibles and offers readers the Bible text with short expositions which will inform and inspire the reader. Christians can use this as a devotional Bible as well as their regular Bible. Study and small group leaders can use this for preparation and the leading of their meetings. Those coming to Scripture for the first time will find clear and helpful explanations that will draw them into the Word of God. Extra content includes:- Book Introductions, Bible Outlines, Maps & Charts. A supporting website will contain cross-references, parallels and an index

ISBN: 9781789741391
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: IVP - published 01/03/2020
Format: Bonded Leather  

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