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Simply Church Revised Edition
Sim Dendy
New edition with extra chapter looking at the impact of COVID-19 on the church. Our world needs the Church, like never before, to be full of hope. But the Church is not always what it could be. Perhaps we need a declutter. A clear-out. A detox. We all collect excess stuff - books, clothes, cars, gadgets... thoughts, habits, scars, traditions... Sometimes, itís good to strip things back a bit. Itís healthy to occasionally explore our past and consider a fresh purpose for the future. To realign ourselves with the plan that our creator God has already set out for us. To recalibrate. To return to the start again. To go back a couple of millennia to discover what the original Church looked like, so we can remember and reset. Simply... Church.x

ISBN: 9781789513714
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: Waverley Abbey Resources - published 25/02/2021
Format: Paperback  

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