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Minor Prophets Major Prayer
Debbie Duncan
In a world of global connectivity, how can we be such great communicators with each other but not with God who loves us unconditionally? Many of us think prayer is complicated. We are not sure how to pray and so just do not do it. To get help in praying we often turn to the New Testament or the Psalms for inspiration. Yet buried in the often overlooked minor prophets in the Old Testament are pearls of wisdom that in fact form the raw material of prayer. These prophets understood the power of prayer, so what made them turn to God and how did they ask him for help? By looking at each minor prophet in turn, Debbie Duncan explores their background, highlights the main themes and looks at how their example can help us to pray, revealing how surprisingly relevant these lessons are to our modern world. These biblical characters may be called minor prophets, but they can teach us major truths about prayer

ISBN: 9781788931212
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: Authentic Media - published 12/03/2021
Format: Paperback  

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