Ozark Weddings (Romancing America)
Anita Higman / Janice A Thompson
Take a journey into the Ozarks where romance disrupts the lives of three women. Larkspur Wendell’s new neighbor Everett Holden is more interested in his computer than communication. Will Larkspur’s zest for life draw the reclusive Everett out of his shell or drive him in deeper? The vulnerability of Clair O’Neal attracts the attention of two different men. Can she trust their interest or their motives? Nori Kelly’s biological clock is ticking loud and clear. But she’s also a successful entrepreneur. So why does she only attract nerds like Zachary Martin? Will God move mountains to bring hearts together?

ISBN: 9781602608061
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: BARBOUR PUBLISHING - published 16/08/2010
Format: Paperback