Sermons for George Whitefield
George Whitefield
The provocateur of the 1st Great Awakening; perhaps the greatest preacher of his age rivaled only by Jonathan Edwards (who's Calvinist Theology he shared); who led millions to Christ on 2 continents; George Whitefield was, and remains, one of the most significant Christian voices in American history. His messages were simple, yet full of exceptionally developed theological content, and were presented to his audience with an unmatched flair that gripped them and drew them to the altar. His persuasiveness was matched only by the great revivalist, and Whitefield's good friend, John Wesley.
This volume is comprised of 29 of Whitefield's most enduring sermons on some of Scriptures most important passages. Whitefield's talent resided in his ability to combine and communicate a rich Reformed theology rooted in American Puritanism and a fiery evangelistic fervor that spilt over, and into, every word. The modern reader, like Whitefield's original audience, will by no means escape his spell. This book, The Sermons of George Whitefield is an excellent resource for students and scholars concerned with Christianity in the Colonial Period, as well as pastors who stand in Whitefield's revivalist and/or Calvinist tradition.

ISBN: 9781598563849
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Publisher: HENDRICKSON - published 21/06/2010
Format: Hardback