B B Warfield Essays on his Life and Thought
Gary L W Johnson Ed.
"It is time that modern Christians come to know the real Warfield," writes David Calhoun in the foreword to this volume. These essays provide an enlightening look at B. B. Warfield the man, his background, his apologetics and polemics, and his timeless contributions to our understanding of Scripture and its doctrines.

"For Warfield, the heart of both theology and active religion was the glory of God, who rescued sinful humans from self-imposed destruction and who enabled them to share his work of the kingdom in every sphere of life, including the natural world. ...It is that theology, and the man who held it, that are opened up in an unusually helpful way by these chapters...."

ISBN: 9781596380370
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: P & R PUBLISHING - published 15/08/2007
Format: Paperback