Kathryn Mackel
Book Two in The Birthright Project series.
Niki and Brady continue in their quest to reclaim God's birthright and stop the terrible destruction that ravages the world.

Brady will no longer allow Ajoba to spin the shroud because of her disobedience, but the spindle won't work for anyone else in the camp. Arabah is still lost in the darkness and it's been more than six months since anyone heard from them. Timothy is trying to find a way to free Dawnray from Alroh's grasp, but he ends up a prisoner himself. And Barron Alrod has a new sorcerer, Kano, who is really a demon and is creating an even more terrifying army.

Will the Birthright Project survive the forces that attack it from without and within or will the darkness manage to overtake them?

ISBN: 9781595540409
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: THOMAS NELSON - published 15/11/2006
Format: Paperback