Kelly's Chance
Wanda E Brunstetter
Kelly McGregor says she'll never marry -- not after what she's seen her father do to her mother.
She's determined to escape her father's overbearing ways and the drudgery of driving the mules that pull his boat along the canal. Kelly dreams of owning a gallery where she can sell her drawings and paintings.
Mike Cooper believes Kelly is the woman God chose for him - and wants nothing more than to be a husband who supports her in her artistic endeavors. But when Kelly declares she will never marry, Mike fears he has lost her forever.
Kelly has prayed that God will fulfill her dreams. But when an opportunity for true romance appears, will she realize that her dreams can walk hand in hand with a love created by God?

ISBN: 9781593100551
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: BARBOUR PUBLISHING - published 15/02/2005
Format: Paperback