Daughter of Prophecy
Miles Owen
"Killed Red-Haired Girl!
Scaled Creatures of Legend circle above the flaming castle, shrieking their hunger for Rhiannon, the red-haired daughter of prophecy was uttered-and now nearly sixteen years later they try again.

The winged horrors are massing once more. Their evil masters, the Mighty Ones, are poised to strike the land and seize the throne. Only this one young woman stands in their way. And so the dragon packs go hunting.

In this land, strength of arm and skill with sword are required for survival. But no human blade can penetrate demon skin. Only those who can do battle on the spirit plane can render these creatures vulnerable to sword and arrow.

Rhiannon is daughter of lords. Daughter of the sword. Daughter of prophecy.

ISBN: 9781591857990
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SILOAM PRESS - published 15/10/2005
Format: Paperback