I Promise You Forever
Dr Gary Smalley
Ten years of research led Smalley to understand that marriages not only survive but thrive when they foster two specific characteristics - safety and affirmation. This encouraging guide helps couples meet each other's emotional needs by expressing gentle promises to listen, forgive, honor, be faithful, and more. Ideal for engaged couples, newlyweds, and seasoned spouses.

Based on five promises to create the marriage of your dreams, this volume contains page after page of promises I promise to remember you are God's gift to me, I promise to make our home a judgment-free zone, I promise to find God's best in every trial. These examples point up practical ways to rely on God and affirm each other in every aspect of your marriage.

An elegant padded hardcover, this is a treasure to add to your marriage library; also a keepsake gift for wedding and anniversary. 64 pages of very worthwhile reading.

ISBN: 9781591455677
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: JOINING THE DOTS - published 15/04/2007
Format: Hardback