Success Secrets of the World's Most Cynical Man
K. Solomon
Meet the smartest, wealthiest, wildly famous, and the most brutally honest man in the world---that nobody really knows very well. You won't see him on a television show---but you know him by name. Author. Politician. Architect. Bon vivant. Genius.
He's been written about many times, but usually by journalists and academics who ignore or, at best, gloss over this complex and troubled personality.

If you're looking for some simple steps to success, you've picked up the wrong book!

If you're ready to look at life---and your own life---straight on and without facades, then be prepared for a sometimes painful and always honest journey of discovery as Solomon speaks to you from the wisdom found in Ecclesiastes.

ISBN: 9781591455646
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: JOINING THE DOTS - published 15/03/2007
Format: Hardback