I Long for You, O God
Michael Youssef
In just thirty-one days, you can experience the peace, contentment, and rest that your soul craves.
All of us struggle with a lack of contentment–comparing our circumstances with the lives of others and feeling like we’ve been shortchanged. We tire of life’s difficulties and long to escape, but nothing we do seems to help. Instead, we only feel more trapped.
However, as we go through life with a nagging sense of dissatisfaction, there is a ray of hope. Our lack of contentment can push us to the end of ourselves and into God’s grace-filled embrace, delivering us from fear, worry, anger, anxiety, and guilt.
This easy-to-use daily guide–adapted from Dr. Michael Youssef’s book Divine Discontent–points the way to the peace and contentment that God desires for you. Each day’s reading, rich in Scripture and prayer, will help you experience the rest and restoration you long for. In just thirty-one days, you can find contentment in God.

ISBN: 9781578565597
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: WATERBROOK PRESS - published 15/02/2005
Format: Hardback