I Praise You, O God
Michael Youssef
In just 31 days, you can revitalize your walk with God by praising Him in a fresh, new way every day.

By following Dr. Michael Youssef's new daily guide, I Praise You, O God, you can renew your passion for God, encounter His glory, and experience more of His power at work in your life. The daily practice of praise will bring you nearer to God in ways you've never thought possible.

Adapted from Dr. Youssef's groundbreaking work Empowered by Praise, this easy-to-use guide will expand your understanding and practice of the praise of God. Each day's reading helps you praise the Lord in a rich variety of ways, all based on Scripture, all rising straight from your heart.

Praise is the path that brings you nearer to God and His love, power, and grace. I Praise You, O God is designed to move you from the feeling that something is missing in your walk with God…to a place where He walks right beside you throughout every day.

ISBN: 9781578565573
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: WATERBROOK PRESS - published 15/02/2005
Format: Hardback