How To Help A Grieving Friend: A Candid Guide For Those Who Care
S Grace Whitson
Be a source of comfort and strength. When a friend loses a loved one, what can you say to bring comfort and healing? How can you console a heavy heart? In How to Help a Grieving Friend, Stephanie Grace Whitson identifies the subtle difference between helpful and hurtful conversations. She shares her grief-tested strategies with you so you can be equipped with the right words to say when your friend needs you the most. If your friend needs you more than ever, take some time to read over the guidance in this book. You can be a vital source of comfort and strength. Now you can know exactly what to say and, best of all, how to say it.

ISBN: 9781576836774
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: NAVPRESS - published 15/04/2005
Format: Paperback