Off My Rocker
Gracie Malone
Are you prepared for one of the most rewarding challenges of your life?
Grandparenting ain’t what it used to be––now that’s an understatement. Today’s grandparents often work full-time, care for their own aging parents, love to travel and hobby, and don’t have enough time for all the events in their palm pilot. So how does one become a loving, doting, giving grandparent?

Your challenge:

· I grew up in a whole different world and raised my kids in a different time––how can I relate to my grandkids?

· How can I have fun with my grandchildren and yet teach them time-honored values?

· Is it possible to help my kids be parents without interfering?

· How can I teach these little ones about Jesus?

· What can I do to prepare––physically, emotionally, and spiritually––for child-sitting?

You’re not "off your rocker" to think you can do this. Gracie Malone––mother, grandmother, author, speaker, and now encourager to you––shares light-hearted lessons to make your grandparenting experience easier, more rewarding, and, well, downright fun!

ISBN: 9781576833896
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: NAVPRESS - published 15/07/2003
Format: Hardback