Moment of Weakness (Forever Faithful Series Book 2)
Karen Kingsbury
Karen Kingsbury's twelfth book, A Moment of Weakness, is a captivating story of human weakness and divine faithfulness. Jade and Tanner were childhood friends until scandal drove them apart. Then one golden summer they found each other again and shared dreams of forever. But in a moment of weakness they made a decision that would tear them apart for nearly a decade. Now, Jade's unfaithful husband wants to destroy her in a custody battle that is about to shock the nation. Only one man can help her in her darkest hour. And only one old woman knows the secret about that summer -- and the truth that can set them all free.

ISBN: 9781576736166
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: MULTNOMAH BOOKS - published 15/03/2000
Format: Paperback