Odyssey Book - The Last Days Of Eugene Meltsner
Since 1987 when John Avery Whittaker first settled in Odyssey and built Whit's End, millions of children have enjoyed Adventures in Odyssey "RM" through radio, books, and audio. Whit, Eugene, Dylan, and many other well-loved characters explore relevant issues that families face today. Through the timeless messages of the Scripture, the Adventures in Odyssey programs nurture spiritual growth while introducing lovable characters experiencing imaginative adventures. Now, your children can enjoy a new series of Adventures in Odyssey books and videos that invite your children to Whit's End, where God is in everything.

Eugene risks his life to save his friends in this action-packed first release in the new Adventures in Odyssey "RM" series. Filled with super-charged action, a ticking bomb, and a cool, micro-simulator that explores the human circulatory system, The Last Days of Eugene Meltsner teaches you to live each day as if it were your last and not to take those around you for granted.

ISBN: 9781561799114
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CARE FOR THE FAMILY* - published 15/01/2003
Format: Paperback