Dare to Love
This booklet is about love and how You Can dare to love another person more completely. It contains a sample of the powerful truths from The Love Dare journal and The Love Dare Bible Study. Living out these truths could change your life and your marriage. Contents include:

•You Can Lead Your Heart
•You Can Control the Power of Influence
•You Can Honor and Cherish Your Spouse
•You Can Live with Understanding
•You Can Show Unconditional Love
•You Can Walk in Forgiveness
•You Can Build on Prayer and God’s Word
•You Can Establish a Covenant Marriage


•Presents select assignments from The Love Dare journal
•Contains helpful rules of engagement for resolving conflict
•Lists inspiring Bible verses about love and marriage


•Introduces a biblical perspective on love, sharing the unconditional and selfless love of Christ
•Raises awareness of possible negative influences on your marriage
•Offers many simple but powerful prayers to lead you to a stronger marriage

ISBN: 9781415868058
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: LIFEWAY CHRISTIAN RES. - published 01/11/2009
Format: Paperback