Keepsakes For A Mother's Heart
Alice Gray / Susan Wales
Families-especially mothers-are longing for more connectedness, deeper family purpose and meaning, and unforgettable treasured times. There is a natural hunger for finding and preserving the pure and innocent moments with their children-where first prayers and teddy bear picnics are woven together with a golden thread of keepsake moments. On ordinary days as well as special ones, Keepsakes for a Mother's Heart celebrates motherhood at its best by helping to create and preserve occasions to reminisce and enjoy long after the children have grown. From toddler to preteen years, the authors provide a menagerie of creative ideas, fun activities, stories, and special ways for treasuring the keepsakes of a mother's heart.

ISBN: 9781404102170
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: THOMAS NELSON - published 15/04/2006
Format: Hardback