Genius of Paul: Paul's Letters (People's Bible)
Sidney Brichto (ed)
The simple purpose of this new series of books is to give the Bible back to people who welcome a good story, fine poetry, and inspiration. For too long, the Bible has been the best–seller least read. Repetitions, lack of chronological order, stories that cry out for explanations, incomprehensible thoughts—all these elements, as well as the formal divisions of chapter and verse, have caused most readers to despair. The purpose of The People’s Bible is to make it readable. In these interpretive translations, the variety and scope of the Bible comes to life, proving that it can give pleasure even to non–believing lovers of great literature. Edited and translated by Sidney Brichto, a leading Liberal Jewish Rabbi and theologian who writes and lectures on religious and moral issues.

ISBN: 9780953739851
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SINCLAIR-STEVENSON - published 08/11/2001
Format: Paperback