Letters From the Heart of God
Kathleen Richards / Clift Richards
Ever wondered what it would be like to receive a personal letter from your heavenly Father about a topic that is important to you? You would read and reread His letter many times, remembering and treasuring His advice wherever you go
Letters from the Heart of God shares Godís wisdom from the Bible in a uniquely personal way Ė via topical letters that are written directly to you, His beloved child. These rich and penetrating epistles open Godís heart to you in a fresh and moving way, enabling everyone to see yourself, your relationships and your problems from the Fatherís loving and life-giving perspective
You will be inspired, thrilled, challenged and fulfilled as you read God's words in this new way. These Bible-based letters will provide you with vital insights from the father's heart concerning many topics, including: cheerfulness, commitment, destiny, endurance, faith, fear, temptation, trust and worship.
Let God speak to you from His Heart, as you open your heart to Letters from the Heart of God. Reading this book truly will change your life
Clift & Kathleen Richards, authors of several well-known Christian titles and speakers with an international ministry, live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where their company, Victory House Inc, is located.

ISBN: 9780932081766
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: VICTORY HOUSE PUB - published 15/11/2003
Format: Paperback