Loose that Man & Let Him Go / So You Call Youself a Man: 2 Books in 1
T D Jakes
With over a half a million copies sold, these two bestselling works by beloved preacher and celebrated author Bishop T.D. Jakes offer men practical ways to acheive their fullest potential. In Loose That Man & Let Him Go! Bishop Jakes presents a powerful work of healing for men who feel imprisoned by unfulfilled desires and frustrated dreams. Written in Bishop Jakes' no-nonsense and charismatic style, he advocates confronting the child within, the vital role of surrogate fathers, the power of prayer in men's lives, the importance of the nurturing relationship between fathers and sons, and the continual committment needed to maintain the marital relationship. In the devotional So You Call Yourself a Man? Bishop Jakes uses five encouraging life stories of men in the Bible to illustrate how all men can be free, powerful, and filled with life-affirming purpose. This two-in-one collection is for every ordinary man who desires to become extraordinary, and every man has that God-given potential.

ISBN: 9780884863434
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: BUDGET BOOK SERVICES - published 06/05/2006
Format: Hardback