J. Gresham Machen's The Gospel and the Modern World and other .......
J Gresham Machen / Stephen J Nichols
J. Gresham Machen pondered that question in many of his writings. He paid a steep price professionally and personally for his adherence to the gospel, and for publishing his beliefs. Some of his most interesting pieces can be found here: "The Gospel and the Modern World" (1929), "Selected Correspondence with Harold John Ockenga" (1931), "Preaching the Gospel in the Modern World" (1931), "Skyscrapers and Cathedrals" (1931).

Stephen J. Nichols's introduction to these selections and "For Further Reading" round out this thought-provoking booklet, designed to whet the reader's appetite for more of Machen's writings.

ISBN: 9780875526379
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Publisher: P & R PUBLISHING - published 15/04/2005
Format: Paperback