His Thoughts Said....
A Carmichael
Amy Carmichael voices the inner thoughts we all have that bring discouragement, doubt and fear, and then gives a Godly response that dispels these false ideas.
His Thoughts Said...His Father Said... provides bite-sized, biblical answers to your unspoken questions about:

•God's guidance
•spiritual dryness
•God's supply
•grief and suffering
•hard situations
•and more
Real-world answers to the hard questions of life. Enter the refreshing water of Amy Carmichael's writing and let the Father wash your doubts and fears away. Read a short portion in a free moment or pore over its pages prayerfully for hours.

ISBN: 9780875089713
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CHRISTIAN LITERATURE CRUS - published 15/08/2005
Format: N/A