Daughters of Hope
Kay Marshall Strom / Michele Rickett
Throughout the world today Christians continue to face intense persecution, and Christian women are often the most vulnerable. In Pakistan, Christian girls are systematically kidnapped, tortured and raped. In China, underground church leaders are sent to labor camps for hosting illegal home meetings. In Sudan, Christian women are captured and sold into slavery or mutilated and left to die. And in many Muslim countries, a woman can be killed by her husband or father for converting to Christianity.
In this deeply moving book, Kay Strom and Michele Rickett tell the stories of persecuted Christian women from around the globe. From Africa to the Middle East to Asia, they give voice to our sisters persevering under the yoke of oppression and injustice. Each section provides specific prayer points and practical action steps to equip us to respond.

Despite the challenges, God is active and present with his suffering people. Do not be discouraged. Take heart from these daughters of hope.

ISBN: 9780863475887
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: EAGLE - published 15/10/2003
Format: Paperback