Genesis (New International Bible Commentary)
John Hartley
"Professor Hartley, who has already given to the evangelical community stimulating commentaries on Leviticus and Job, has succeeded in extending that contribution by this commentary on Genesis. It is a commentary that is long enough to avoid being superficial, and one that is short enough to make it readable without missing the forest for the trees. Those wishing further discussion than is found in the discussion of the text will find such in the Additional Notes at the end of each section, as well as in the various excursuses scattered throughout the volume. Pastors and Christian Education teachers would be well-advised to make this volume a part of their library."
—Victor P. Hamilton, Professor of Religion, Asbury College

Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Binding: paper
Pages: 416
Pub Date: 2000
Volumes in Series: 18

Author Bio
John E. Hartley is Professor of Old Testament and Chairperson of Biblical Studies at the C. P. Haggard Graduate School of Theology, Azusa Pacific University. He is ordained in the Free Methodist Church and has authored commentaries on Job and Leviticus.


“John Hartley takes on an imposing task in writing a commentary on Genesis. The length of the book, the richness of its narratives, and the overwhelming number of studies done on it can prove daunting. To say then something meaningful in four hundred pages is quite an accomplishment. Hartley addresses ministers and serious Bible students in offering an illuminated reading of the bible’s first book. Two emphases of his presentation are the rhetorical features of individual units and the ways that pieces of the story from various sources have been collected to describe God’s ways of dealing with human beings. Hartley approaches the book by summarizing each narrative and making additional comments. He points the reader to significant literary forms and offers pertinent insights from ancient sources.

. . .For the minister or dedicated Bible reader Hartley does offer an introduction to Genesis that will expand the horizons, challenge some assumptions, and enrich one’s reading of the book”.
—Restoration Quarterly

“All in all Hartley has done a nice job in laying out the meaning of the biblical text of Genesis in a manner easy to understand, so the average reader will have no problem accessing this commentary. There is also, though, plenty of information of interest to readers eager to delve deeper into biblical research. . . . This commentary is worth the study of readers looking for a mid-level treatment of the first book of the Bible.”
—Ashland Theological Journal

ISBN: 9780853647225
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