Can We Be Good Without God? (Pack of 10)
John Blanchard
Dr Blanchard shows that our understanding of good and evil depends entirely on our worldview. If we rule God out of the picture altogether we must try to find grounds for moral thinking in nature, our individual make-up and opinions, or our surrounding culture.

With an arresting blend of facts and illustrations, laced with humourous asides, he demonstrates that none of these provides a coherent basis for distinguishing good or evil, let alone for choosing one rather than the other.

He then shows that in brilliant contrast the God revealed in the Bible is exactly the basis we need for consistant grasp of what morality means. What is more, God is able to transform our lives in such a way that we can not discern his will but have a passionate desire to do it.

ISBN: 9780852346518
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: EVANGELICAL PRESS* - published 15/04/2007
Format: Booklet/Pamphlet