The Beauty of Holiness
Philip H Eveson
Leviticus is the third book of the Pentateuch which is traditionally ascribed to Moses.

The main points of the book are concerned with legal rules and priestly ritual. Despite the English title of the work, it is important to note that the book makes a very strong distinction between the priesthood, who are identified as being descended from Aaron, and mere Levites.

It is important to study the book of Leviticus, not least because it is so often the last one read in the pages of Scripture. We need to be able to reply to the question ‘How does the legal text of this book relate to the church and the ordinary Christian in the 21st century?’ As part of the infallible word of God it is important that we grasp the meaning of this book and appreciate its value in our everyday lives.

Philip Eveson is a Welshman who has studied biblical languages and theology at the University of Wales, Cambridge and London. He has been the minister of Kensit Evangelical Church for twenty-five years and is now the principal of the London Theological Seminary, where he has lectured since its inception.

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Publisher: EVANGELICAL PRESS* - published 15/02/2007
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