George Smeaton: Theologian and New Testament Scholar
John W Keddie
George Smeaton (1814-89) was one of Scotland’s foremost theologians in his day. Although his books, particularly those volumes on the doctrine of the atonement and the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, have been reprinted several times, little has been written about this man who was a divinity school classmate and contemporary of such men as Robert Murray M’Cheyne and Andrew and Horatius Bonar.

George Smeaton — Learned theologian and biblical scholar, engagingly written and thoroughly documented by John W. Keddie, brings to life this nineteenth-century pastor, theologian, professor and author, who was described this way in an appreciation adopted by the 1889 General Assembly of the Free Church of Scotland shortly after his death: 'A man of massive intellect and unwearied diligence, of profound erudition and exact scholarship, he consecrated his talents, his time, and the wealth of his learning to the service of God, and the interpretation of his holy Word.'

ISBN: 9780852346365
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Publisher: EVANGELICAL PRESS* - published 15/07/2007
Format: Paperback