Can We Rock the Gospel? Rock Music's Impact On Worship and Evangelism
John Blanchard / Dan Lucarini
Does God endorse music of every kind? Can we ‘cut and paste’ secular rock music and ‘Christianize’ it in the process? Should the Christian church unite in bringing rock music to the altar or in sending it to the bonfire?

Every musical form and every way of expressing it has as many detractors as it does promoters. Yet in recent years most of the conflicts have centered on what is generically known as rock music, which has become an increasingly dominant — and divisive — issue since it first slipped into church life some forty years ago.

Two respected Christian leaders and best-selling authors who together have many years of hands-on experience in worship, preaching, evangelism and music have combined to produce a book that examines this controversial subject, using both recent evidence and time-tested truths.

They come to a clear conclusion. They will not leave you neutral.

'This book is a highly provocative and hard-hitting examination of the pop scene and the use of rock music in evangelism.'

'It is an attempt to take a calm, balanced, thorough and biblical look at the whole subject of what has been called "entertainment evangelism".'

'You may never listen to music the same way again.'

ISBN: 9780852346280
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: EVANGELICAL PRESS* - published 01/08/2006
Format: Paperback