Galatians - Free In Christ (Welwyn Commentary Series)
Andrews, Edgar
Paul’s epistle to the Galatians can be summarized by one simple question: What is the gospel? What is the real gospel, as opposed to false gospels or (to use Paul’s own terminology) perverted gospels? One recent commentator has written, ‘Historically, Galatians has been foundational for many forms of Christian doctrine, proclamation and practice. And it remains true today to say that how one understands the issues and teaching of Galatians determines in large measure what kind of theology is espoused, what kind of message is proclaimed, and what kind of lifestyle is practised.’

Edgar Andrews is Emeritus Professor of Materials in the University of London and co-pastor of the Campus Church, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England. He is also joint Editor of Evangelical Times. He has written Christ and the cosmos; From nothing to nature; A glorious high throne — the Welwyn Commentary on Hebrews; and The Spirit has Come, described by the Evangelical Library bulletin as ‘a scholarly and conclusive work’ on the Holy Spirit.


Pastor Robert L. Dickie, of Michigan, USA, writes, ‘This commentary by Dr Edgar Andrews on the book of Galatians is a clear, concise and practical exposition of the apostle Paul’s great letter. Dr Andrews addresses the massive issues of the book of Galatians with a clarity and relevance that will be appreciated by all those who have an interest in promoting the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. This timely book will enable the reader to define the gospel clearly and biblically and to recognize the dangerous errors and trends developing in the evangelical church today. This is must reading for those whose chief concern is to preach Christ and him crucified. I highly recommend this book to pastors and lay people alike.’

ISBN: 9780852343531
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Publisher: EVANGELICAL PRESS* - published N/A
Format: Paperback