Approaching Theological and religious studies. This collection of essays offers help and advice, for those studying in universities and in theological colleges. The first two contributions provide some general orientation. The next sketches the contours of an evangelical approach to theology. This leads to an exploration of 'faith and certainty', some guidelines for maintaining a devotional life and some perspectives on preaching. The concluding essay revisits key themes and offers further reflections.

256 pages


'Particularly in the secular university setting, the Bible can be dissected without reference to the reality of God.
This welcome volume aims to help the student deal with the issue of how they maintain their personal relationship with God in what may sometimes be an arid and even hostile land.
Whether studying in an evangelical friendly environment or not, the book encourages theology students to avoid compromise and maintain integrity.
It is worth noting that the sub-heading for the book is not entirely accurate as there is very little in it to help a student of religious studies The important issues faced by an evangelical studying non-Christian religions are not dealt with. Nonetheless, this book will be a survival handbook for many theology students.
If you are concerned for someone going from your church to study theology at a university level then why not buy it for him or her as a gift?' (Chris Sinkinson in Evangelicals Now)

ISBN: 9780851114828
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