King's Daughter
Alden, I
Nothing ever changes in the sleepy town of Lewiston, not until the hot August day when Dell Bronson arrives from Boston! Then everyone takes notice.
It Isn't just that she is a vision of cool loveliness, nor is it her unflappable manner and the way she instantly takes charge of her father's house, the struggling temperance society, and the Sunday school. No, what catches everyone's attention is Dell's determination to put the tavern out of business, despite the fact that her own father is the tavern keeper!

Dell's mission sets her against everyone: her father, the elite members of Lewiston society, and the minister! But she knows God has a work for her to do. And so she goes on, trusting His provision. What Dell doesn't know is that God's plan holds a wonderful surprise for her . . . one that will bring her the answers for which her weary heart hungers.

Heartwarming stories of faith and love by Grace Livingston Hill's aunt--Isabella Alden. Each book is similar in style and tone to Hill's and is set in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

ISBN: 9780842331760
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Publisher: TYNDALE - published N/A
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