Getting Honest With God: Praying As If God Really Listens
Littleton, Mark

Is it okay to approach God with your whispering doubts?

Is it okay to confront God with your consuming rage?

Is is okay to petition god for your outrageous dreams?

How can you be truly open with God? And why do you need to be honest if God knows everything anyway? God wants you to reveal yourself to him voluntarily. It can be humbling -even scary - but when you experience the freedom to be vulnerable with God, you open up your life to unending possibilities for growth, joy and blessing.

Join Mark Littleton in Getting Honest with God to learn how to turn your prayer life into a 'rocket-propelled journey into deeper intimacy with God.'

You'll interact with people from the Bible like Jonah, Elijah, Esther, John the Baptist and Thomas who leveled with God and saw him revolutionize their lives. You'll hear from Littleton about his own experiences of both failure and growth in prayer. And you'll discover how God longs to hear from the depths of your heart and transform your life too.

ISBN: 9780830823857
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: IVP (USA) - published 15/06/2003
Format: Paperback