On Common Ground
John Rankin
In American culture today, there is a deep inability to communicate across the barricades, especially when the gospel interfaces with politics, the media and academia. In On Common Ground, theologian and proto-apologist John C. Rankin offers six biblical principles to bridge the values gap between believers and skeptics. The six principles: the power to give, the power to live in the light, the power of informed choice, the power to love hard questions, the power to love enemies and the power to forgive are biblically comprehensive and rooted in timeless truth. And when used as the shared language in faith dialogue, Rankin contends, they allow believers and skeptics to move forward together on common ground. Rankin suggests that biblical theology in its essence deals with ethics, how we treat each other and is intensely practical for individuals and communities.

ISBN: 9780830745654
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: REGAL PUB - published 01/07/2008
Format: Paperback