Back on Track
Carole Lewis
Carole Lewis, national director of the First Place weight-loss program, has written a book based on her real-life situation of struggling to maintain her weight loss and the reality of regaining 40 pounds. This book is her response to God's request of her that she "walk the talk" publicly and make herself accountable to lose the weight. The overall message of the book is that falling is never failure; failing to get back up is failure. The book records Carole's journey in journal form-a daily diary of successes, failures and tips that will help anyone get back on track in the area of weight management. She chronicles how to get through the holidays and reveals her temptations as well as victories. Carole says that God knows where we have been, where we are and where we are going-and He plans for us to be overcomers. This is a very practical, honest, and encouraging book for all who are working on the physical side of wholeness.

ISBN: 9780830732586
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: REGAL PUB - published 20/03/2004
Format: Hardback