Jeremiah (Chalice Commentary for Today)
Jorge Pixley
In clear, non-technical language, Pixley engages both the world of the Bible and the present world in a dialogue between scripture, tradition, culture, and a vision of a God who is passionately involved with the full life of the world. In this commentary on the book of Jeremiah, Pixley works from the Hebrew Masoretic Text (MT), examining both the poetic and prose discourses of the prophetic book. He draws many comparisons between the current state of the United States today and ancient Babylon, offering ways of interpreting the meaning for today's Christians. Jeremiah is the second volume in a the Commentaries for Today, a commentary series designed to give readers a better way to understand biblical challenges to the values, beliefs, and behavior in today's world and our own world's challenges to the values, beliefs, and behavior in the biblical world.

ISBN: 9780827205277
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CHALICE PRESS - published 15/06/2004
Format: Paperback