Karl Rahner (Outstanding Christian Thinkers)
William Dych Sj
Karl Rahner (1904-84) has been called the most important and influential Roman Catholic thinker of the 20th century. He was a major influence at the Second Vatican Council, and his writings have inspired generations of modern students of theology. This work is a concise introduction to the whole range of Rahner's theological interests. It covers his thinking from his student days to the time of his death. Rahner's writings are numerous and complex, but Professor Dych aims to provide an accessible guide to his legacy. A special feature of the book is its attempt to connect Rahner's main theological teachings with those of Vatican II and with the teachings to be found in the Exercises of St Ignatius Loyola. It places Rahner in the context of modern Catholic doctrine and the ongoing experience of Christians anxious to explore the mysteries of God and creation.

ISBN: 9780826450777
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CROSSROAD/CONTINUUM PUB G - published 19/05/2004
Format: Paperback