Fragments of Real Presence
T Berger
Two-time Catholic Press Award winner. What do the feasts of the liturgical year look like when seen from the perspective of women? How do traditions become enriched when we remember the women who have handed them down? From "Clare and Clairol" to "The Making of Love: An ABC," Fragments of Real Presence, from the Yale professor silenced by the Vatican, offers us a rich landscape of insights throughout the liturgical calendar. Each fragment is a different kind of meditation--a hymn, a theological reflection, a historical discussion, a poem--giving us new ways to see with the eyes of women past and present. From their experience, our own spiritual experience of the traditions and the possibilities for the future will be enhanced and deepened.

ISBN: 9780824522957
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: CROSSROAD/CONTINUUM PUB C - published 15/05/2005
Format: Hardback