C.S Lewis's Mere Christianity (Shepherd's Notes)
C S Lewis / Terry L Miethe
The incredible array of Shepherd's Notes continues to grow as Broadman & Holman offers a complete new collection of these easy-access study guide resources focused on the great works of Christian literature.

With full outlines of the text and brief but detailed commentary, these books will give readers an upper hand in uncovering and clarifying the many nuances and complex theological points revealed in these religious masterpieces. Whether its Lewis' examination of grief or Calvin's exploration of Christian principles, each book offers perceptive insights into the respective book, examining its author, and taking an in-depth look at the spiritual themes throughout. Perfect for private Christian schools, church classes, or home-schooling, these resources will be a unique and dependable reference source for students and teachers alike.

ISBN: 9780805493474
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: B&H PUBLISHING GROUP - published 15/09/1999
Format: Paperback