Studies in Matthew
U Luz
Translated by Rosemary Selle.

The work of one of the world’s foremost New Testament scholars, Ulrich Luz, this book gathers eighteen penetrating studies of Matthew’s Gospel, available here in English for the first time.

Luz’s groundbreaking work ranges widely over the critical issues of Matthean studies, including the narrative structure and sources of the Gospel and its presentation of such themes as christology, discipleship, miracles, and Israel. Several chapters also outline and demonstrate the hermeneutical methods underlying Luz’s acclaimed commentary on Matthew, for which this book can serve as a companion. Luz is particularly conscious of the Gospel’s reception history, a history of interpretation connecting us with the past that determines so many of our questions, categories, and values. Studies in Matthew thus constitutes a noteworthy contribution to biblical hermeneutics as well as to exegesis.

397 pages; dimensions (in inches): 6.25 x 9.25; 2005



Matthew the Evangelist: A Jewish Christian at the Crossroads

The Gospel of Matthew: A New Story of Jesus, or a Rewritten One?


Matthew and Q

Fictionality and Loyalty to Tradition in Matthew's Gospel in the Light of Greek Literature


Matthean Christology Outlined in Theses

The Son of Man in Matthew: Heavenly Judge or Human Christ?


The Disciples in the Gospel according to Matthew

Discipleship: A Matthean Manifesto for a Dynamic Ecclesiology

The Primacy Saying of Matthew 16:17-19 from the Perspective of Its Effective History


The Fulfilment of the Law in Matthew (Matt. 5:17-20)


The Miracle Stories of Matthew 8–9


Anti-Judaism in the Gospel of Matthew as a Historical and Theological Problem: An Outline


Reflections on the Appropriate Interpretation of New Testament Texts

The Significance of the Church Fathers for Biblical Interpretation in Western Protestant Perspective

Can the Bible Still Be the Foundation for a Church Today?
The Task of Exegesis in a Society of Religious Pluralism

Canonical Exegesis and Hermeneutics of "Effective History"

Hermeneutics of "Effective History" and the Church

The Significance of Matthew's Jesus Story for Today


Graham Stanton
Every teacher and student of Matthew’s Gospel will want to read these lively essays by one of the most distinguished biblical scholars of our time. Ulrich Luz’s multivolume commentary on Matthew is one of the finest exegetical achievements of the twentieth century. These essays distill much of the wisdom of that great commentary, but they also develop further some of its most stimulating insights. Luz’s carefully nuanced and clearly expressed discussions of central Matthean themes and topics will be appreciated by a wide readership.

Dale C. Allison Jr.
Ulrich Luz is a master exegete. He is historically very well informed, hermeneutically sophisticated, and theologically interesting. I have no doubt that these essays, together with Luz’s commentary on Matthew, represent the future of Matthean studies.

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