Uttermost Part of the Earth, The
R Losch
This informative volume takes you to the many geographical regions, empires, cities, and towns mentioned in the Bible. Designed to serve as a short and enjoyable survey of the world of the Bible, The Uttermost Part of the Earth will broaden your knowledge of the places and cultures connected with the biblical narrative.
Richard Losch sets the stage with a brief history of the Holy Land from ancient times to the present. Writing clearly and vividly, he then offers alphabetically listed entries on dozens of locations found in the Old and New Testaments. He devotes considerable attention to the Roman Empire because of its prominence in the world of early Christianity. Also included are a number of places not specifically named in the Bible that nonetheless played significant roles in shaping biblical events.

Complete with photos, maps, a pronunciation guide, and an index, The Uttermost Part of the Earth will make an ideal reference resource for Bible classes, church education, and personal Bible study.

ISBN: 9780802828057
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: WM B EERDMANS PUB CO - published 15/04/2005
Format: Paperback