Silent Music: The life, work, and thought of Saint John of the cross
R A Herrera

St. John of the Cross has long inspired Christians seeking a deeper knowledge of God. This sixteenth-century Spanish mystic left a record of personal faith as profound as any ever recorded. In "Silent Music" R. A. Herrera looks anew at the life and writings of St. John of the Cross and explores his continuing relevance to contemporary spirituality.
Beginning with an erudite historical essay on the phenomenon of mysticism, "Silent Music" chronicles St. Johnbs life story -- from his humble birth in 1542, through his career as a professional religious, to his death in 1591 -- placing the man and his spirituality squarely in their historical-cultural context. Herrera probes the saintbs rigorous life of contemplation and his classic writings on such subjects as union with God and the bdark night of the soul, b clarifying St. Johnbs understanding of the mystical experience and paying particular attention to the notion of detachment and the recurring motifs of darkness, flame, and ascent in St. Johnbs writings. His careful analysis of St. Johnbs thought is enriched with examples from philosophy, psychology, literature, spirituality, and art -- material not usually found in such a study.

Appending his own original translations of select excerpts from St. Johnbs poetry, Herrera here paints a richly detailed, multifaceted portrait of one of Christendombs most complex figures. His book will interest readers encountering St. John for the first time as well as those seriously engaged in the study of Roman Catholicism, Spanish history, Christian spirituality, and mysticism.

ISBN: 9780802824950
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: WM B EERDMANS PUB CO - published 15/08/2004
Format: Paperback