Confessions Of An Ex-Crossmaker
Bailey, E.K
Ben Levi is a member of the distinguished tribe of Benjamin, and as his trade, he makes crosses. During the 1st century A.D. in Palestine, cross making was a thriving industry.
"I made a good living in the business until that ill-fated Friday, when I was forced to face hideous consequences of my craftsmanship. Even now sometimes, the guilt, like a tidal wave, overwhelms me. I am the man who made the cross upon which Jesus was cruelty crucified and later died."

-From Confessions of an Ex-Crossmaker

Through the unique viewpoint and emotion of this fictional man, we come to see how all of us at times, by our indifference and our sins, help to nail Jesus to the cross again and again. And how by our commitment to Him and our attention to our faith, we may join Ben Levi to become ex-crossmakers.

ISBN: 9780802437303
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: MOODY PRESS - published 04/02/2003
Format: Hardback