Woman Thou Art Loosed
T D Jakes
From T.D. Jakes, the New York Times bestselling author of God's Leading Lady and Maximize the Moment, comes an inspiring novel of a desperate woman's self-awakening, salvation, and the power of faith.

"I made up my mind that the person walking out of jail would be a lot different than the one they dragged in. Don't get me wrong. It ain't like I didn't appreciate going home. But it came with strings attached. Everything comes with a catch."

Her name is Michelle. As a child she called her grandma mama, her mother by her first name, and her mother's boyfriends Uncle. She grew up fast with too many men, too many strangers, and too many betrayals. Lost and sentenced to a private hell of abuse, addiction, poverty, and crime, Michelle has now been given a second chance to reclaim her life. But first she has to believe in the possible. She has to believe in herself. What it takes to free her is the one thing Michelle thought she'd never have. It's called faith.

ISBN: 9780768424034
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: DESTINY IMAGE - published 15/01/2007
Format: Paperback