I Thought There Would Be Cake
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I Thought There Would Be Cake
Katherine Welby Roberts
Life never turns out as we expected. But connecting honestly with the one we're really in can bring all sorts of consolation...

I Thought There Would Be Cake explores - with the author's characteristic empathy and humour - some of the everyday issues we face, in order to help us think about how we might live life a little better. With each chapter drawing on personal experience and featuring an original illustration, the topics include:

taking responsibility (the need to accept failure)
your crap/my crap (the boundaries between caring and taking on others' worries and stresses)
what sort of special? (what it means to be unique in a sea of unique people)
comparisons (the destructiveness of comparing ourselves to other people)
affirmation (the healthy and unhealthy need)
inner conflict (believing we can do anything/nothing at all)
numbers (the power of social media)
never chosen (finding our value in who we are in each situation, not in the people around us)
major crisis in a minor moment (keeping things in proportion)
regret (spending less time evaluating ourselves and more time just being ourselves)
Candid but powerfully reassuring, the book reminds us that we are each made - fearfully and wonderfully - in the image of God, our true source of confidence, comfort and joy.

ISBN: 9780281075768
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Publisher: SPCK - published 18/08/2017
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