Evil And The Justice Of God
N T Wright
This is a fascinating analysis and response to the fundamental questions that face any believer today. Sadly becoming daily more topical, this book explores all aspects of evil - our contemporary and theological understanding, and the ways in which evil presents itself in society today. Fully grounded in the bible, Evil and the Justice of God is sparkling, erudite, provocative and particularly relevant in the wake of new global terror attacks.

Accounts of cruelty, death and terrorism hit us every day. The phrase ‘the axis of evil’ resonates in our world, and evil seems to seep into all aspects of life. We are forced to ask fundamental questions about God and the nature of evil, which demand a theological resolution that is mature, profound and never glib.

N. T. Wright explores these pivotal questions with a fresh and engaging approach, combining the virtues of detailed scholarship with an accessible style. He neither ducks the awkward, nor avoids the unpalatable, but instead offers a new, often surprising perspective in his search for a meaningful response to the problem of evil.

"The Rt Revd Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham . . . is that rare breed of teacher who can reach people of all levels of understanding, despite working not at the 'coalface', but largely as an academic theologian." Daily Telegraph

128 Pages

ISBN: 9780281057887
Catalogue code: N/A
Publisher: SPCK - published 24/03/2006
Format: Paperback