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Peter Morden
Soon after Jesus began his public ministry, he called his first ‘disciples’. He would teach and train them and then, after his death and resurrection, commission and empower them to go to the nations to make more ‘followers’. The risen Jesus is still l calling and sending people today. If we heed hi... (more)
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Richard Pollard/ Peter Morden
Dan Taylor was a leading English eighteenth-century General Baptist minister and founder of the New Connexion of General Baptists—a revival movement. This book provides considerable new light on the theological thinking of this important evangelical figure. The major themes examined are Taylor’s spi... (more)
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Peter Morden
Peter Morden, author of John Bunyan: The People's Pilgrim has collaborated with co-author Ruth Broomhall, and again with CWR, to create a 40-day devotional based on John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress - helping readers grasp for themselves what it means to be a pilgrim, walking every day with God. ... (more)
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Peter Morden
The latest biography of John Bunyan by Peter Morden who is the newly appointed Vice- principle of Spurgeons's College. Peter Morden has written a lively, engaging and accessible account of this great man's life, providing plenty of historical context and bringing Bunyan's trials and triumphs alive.