More information on Third Person- the Work of the Holy Spirit
John Peters
In Third Person, John Peters looks at the ministry of the Holy Spirit and explains how we can join in with what He is doing today. It is an essential resource to help us co-operate with the work of the Spirit and see God moving in power. The first section of this book deals with common misconception... (more)
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More information on The Great Revivalists
John Peters
Learn from those who brought revival Today there is an intense longing for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will stun the Church and the world. John Peters shows us that, whilst revival is a 'sovereign, supernatural move of the Holy Spirit and a pouring out of His life and power', God has... (more)
More information on Story Of Toronto
John Peters
A unique insight into the lives of John and Carol Arnott and the phenomenon of the Toronto Blessing. January 1994? something incredible happens in Toronto. Is it revival? And who are the people at the centre of it? The controversy doesn?t go away, and debate still continues. But in the middle... (more)
More information on The Evangelist's Notebook
John Peters
John Peters believes we need to make radical changes in the way we evangelise. Why would non-Christians want to come to church if they can’t understand what’s going on and if we are unable to explain to them, in everyday language, exactly what we believe? The author looks at what it takes to be ... (more)