More information on Christisnity Beyond Belief: Following Jesus for the Sake of others
Todd D. Hunter
Todd Hunter presents a new paradigm for Christian discipleship that shows how salvation is not just a question of whether we are saved but also a call to progressively grow more like Christ. Hunter's biblical perspective might just change the way you look at life forever.
More information on Toy Box Leadership
Ron Hunter
Reach back into your childhood and recapture the leadership principles you learned from your favorite toys. What can LEGOS teach you about building your business through connection? How can Slinky Dog demonstrate the value of patience when you're growing your organization? What has every little boy ... (more)
More information on Abraham Frend of God
Elrose Hunter
Follow the maze to find out where Abraham travelled. Break the code to see how much Abraham trusted God. Order the pictures to see how Abraham found a wife for Isaac. Abraham – The Friend of God allows children to explore the story of Abraham and his family in a completely different way. Th... (more)
More information on Joseph Incredible Dreamer
Elrose Hunter
Find the words to see what Joseph's dream was all about. Follow the letters to see how Joseph solved the Pharaoh's problem. Spot the differecne to see if Joseph's brothers had changed. Joseph – The Incredible Dreamer allows children to explore the story of Joseph and his family in a comp... (more)
More information on Daniel Lion Tamer
Elrose Hunter
Join the dots to see where Daniel and his friends were taken. Break the code to find out what the writing on the wall meant. Find the words to see what the king thought about God's power. Daniel – The Lion Tamer allows children to explore the story of Daniel and his friends in a completely ... (more)
More information on Peter Fisher of Men
Elrose Hunter
Search the picture to see how Jesus asked Peter to be his friend. Unjumble the words to find out how Peter heard that Jesus was alive again. Find your way out of the maze to see how Peter escaped from the prison. Peter – The Fisher of Men allows children to explore the story of Peter in a c... (more)
More information on Science's Blind Spot
Cornelius G Hunter
Had evolutionists been in charge, they wouldn't have made the mosquito, planetary orbits would align perfectly, and the human eye would be better designed. But they tend to gloss over their own failed predictions and faulty premises. Naturalists see Darwin's theories as "logical" and that's enough. ... (more)
More information on Healing the Heart: Overcoming Betrayal in Your Life
Joan Hunter
For anyone who has ever been betrayed; for anyone who has ever felt lost, abused, or abandoned; for anyone who has ever suffered a broken heart- there is healing! In this inspiring and life-changing book, Joan Hunter shares her challenging testimony of how she overcame rejection and the worst betray... (more)
More information on The Suffering Body
Harold D Hunter / Cecil M Robeck
Ecumenical and international perspectives on the persecution of Christians. Suffering with Christ was not only the experience of the early church but is also that of much of the church today. This volume presents up to date global, ecumenical reflections on the different ways in which the church ... (more)